Constant Peace of Mind

A kids smart watch will keep your kids safe, whatever they get up to. A kids smart watch uses a GPS tracking device to locate your child instantly via a smartphone app. With a kids safe watch on their wrist, your children can have freedom to be adventurous, while as a parent you will always know where their GPS location.

Phones for kids can be expensive and kids watches do nothing more than tell the time, but a smartwatch for kids answer you’ve been waiting for. Don’t buy a kids cell phone to keep your child safe – with a kids safe watch, help in an emergency is as simple as the push of a button!

How Do They Work?

The Kids Smart Watch is worn on a child’s wrist and connects to a parent’s smartphone through a mobile app. Parents can utilise the gps tracking device to locate their child, send alerts or call the kids smartwatch to talk with their child. This is particularly useful for kids as they grow and start becoming more independent, or if a child wanders off and gets lost.

Simply insert a SIM card and connect the kids smart watch via the smartphone app. With a prepaid, long expiring phone plan, call costs are minimised and the smartwatch for kids will ensure your peace of mind.


We bought one when my Son started riding to school. It is so reassuring to always know where he is and that I can easily contact him if he is late home!

Samantha, Perth, Australia

I love the freedom my kids have now they have a Kids GPS Smart Watch. It’s a phone as well so I can call them without the worry of an expensive phone getting lost.

Sara, London, UK

I trust my kids to do the right thing. I don’t trust strangers to do the right thing. The Kids GPS Smart Watch gives me peace of mind, and I can trust my kids like I want to.

Jenny, Los Angeles, USA


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