We have no doubt that you may have a question or two about our Kids GPS Smart Watches, so please feel free to scroll through the questions below. If you have any additional questions, not listed here, please contact us at by visiting our Contact Us page.

We all want to trust our kids. We all want to keep our kids safe. But we wouldn’t be doing our job as Parents if we didn’t worry about them when they are not with us.

Sadly in today’s day and age, as much as we may trust our kids, there are other factors at play that are completely out of our control. And this is where a Kids GPS Smart Watch comes into play.

Losen the reins and allow your children the freedom they deserve, without the worry of what might happen. Let them walk to school, visit the park, or walk to a friend’s house, safe in the knowledge that if something does go wrong you will know where they are.

Give them freedom without the expense of a fancy mobile phone – phones can get lost or stolen at school, but who would think to look at the watch that your child is wearing?

If the worse does happen and your child gets taken, a single push of a button will put your child in contact with you, or secretly dial into the phone and listen in to your childs conversation and learn facts that can help bring them home safely.

It’s a small investment for total peace of mind.

The Kids GPS Smart Watch has many features including (but not limited to):

GPS Capabilities – LBS Dual Locating Functionality
Electronic Fencing – Sends an alert if a child leaves a designated perimeter/area
Remote Monitoring – Highly receptive microphone allows parents to listen to their children’s surroundings
2 Way Communication – Parents can dial the watch and kids can call their parents
SOS 1-Key Calling – Hold the SOS button for 3 seconds to dial parents automatically
Cellular Data Service – Use an external SIM card (not included)
Pedometer – Monitors the number of steps by the user

The actual features will vary depending on the model you are looking at, however all features are listed in the watch listings.

In the case of an emergency Parents can silently call the KidSafe Smart Watch and with the remote monitoring feature use a highly receptive microphone to listen to their children’s surroundings.

Parents can set up a virtual fence for each child which allows children to travel freely within the fenced area. Should a child wander or be taken out of the designated perimeter/area, the KidSafe Smart Watch sends to the smartphone app to alert parents. This is a useful tool for children that travel to school on their own, or for parents to have peace of mind allowing their children to walk to/from their friends house or local park, knowing full well that if for any reason their child moves outside of the agreed area, they can easily call the KidSafe Smart Watch to check that the child is ok.

In the case of an emergency, the wearer of the KidSafe Smart Watch need only hold the SOS button for 3 seconds to dial parents (or set numbers) automatically. Please note, not all watches sold at KidSafe Smart Watches has this feature.

The Kids GPS Smart Watch can make calls to designated telephone numbers, and can receive calls from any telephone number. Parents can set two numbers into the Kids GPS Smart Watch (ie Mom and Dad or Parent and Grandparents) and the child can easily call either number by pressing one button.

For parents to call the Kids GPS Smart Watch they simply need to dial the phone number associated with the sim card installed in the watch.

Orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of payment being verified. We aim to have all orders shipped ASAP. If any issue should arise we will contact you immediately.

Once shipped, orders take 10-15 days for Express Posting or 20-30 days for Standard Posting, as we ship directly from the manufacturer to keep costs low. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee shipping times as delays with the courier can occur, however if for any reason your KidSafe Smart Watch has not arrived after the above delivery estimates, please email us at info@kidsafesmartwatches.com and we will happily track your order for you.

No, the KidSafe Smart Watches do not come with a SIM card and must be purchased in order to activate and use the phone.

Depending on the model of watch you are purchasing, you may need to arrange a SIM card for your new KidSafe Smart Watch. All tracking watches require a basic SIM card to enable them to connect to both GPS and to make calls.

The type of SIM card depends on the model of phone you are buying. Most require the Micro (middle size) SIM although some of the newer models require the Nano size.

The watches use 2G, 3G or 4G and you will need to purchase the appropriate SIM card.

We recommend purchasing a card with data and minutes as this will allow your child to make calls, and use the data for the tracking feature.

We also recommend a prepaid SIM with a long expiry time. This way the child has minutes when needed, even if they have not made calls for a while, but you also don’t have to buy new credit every month.

All watches are sent with full instructions, however if you cannot find them, you can access instructions HERE. These instructions are specifically for the KidSafe Smart Watch (Design 1) however you may find them useful if you are setting up other models.

On rare occasions, courier delays can occur that are completely out of our control. While we do our very best to meet our shipping guidelines, we cannot take responsibility for these delays. We will work with you and keep you up to date with information about your order. We do recommend using Express Postage or ordering well in advance to ensure any unforeseen delays do not cause any inconvenience.

In the unlikely event that the Kids GPS Smart Watch arrives and is not working, please contact us within 7 days of receiving the device at info@kidsgpssmartwatch.com and we will discuss options with you.

For full details on refunds, please thoroughly read our Refund Policy which contains all information related to refunds and exchanges.

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